Meet the Team

Ms. Elisa Slider

State Chairman

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Elisa was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her father is a self-made businessman who worked hard growing his trucking company. Her mother was born in Cuba and escaped from the oppression of the Castro dictatorship to the United States in 1961. Elisa is the oldest of six children to include two brothers and three sisters. She quickly learned the values of family and hard work as she helped her mother raise her younger siblings and worked several part time jobs. She graduated Cheyenne High School in 1998. Elisa is married to Richard Slider, a Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps Reserve, and has two children, Nicolas age fourteen and Keira age eleven. Professionally, Elisa worked as a preschool teacher and provided administrative assistance to her Father’s business out of High School. Later, she was hired by the Clark County School district as a Special Education Assistant for providing assistance to special needs children. After working there for several years, she took over ownership of her Father’s business. She reorganized the company and is currently the Co-Owner of Silver State Hay Incorporated a trucking / brokering company that provides agricultural products to the South West region of the United States with overseas shipping contracts. The conservative values of the Republican Party are a perfect alignment with Elisa’s strong family values, patriotic views, and love of our constitution. Growing up, she listened to the stories from her grandparents and elders describing the atrocities committed under a communist social regime in Cuba. At an early age, she realized that the freedoms we have in this Country should be cherished. The protection of life, the 2nd amendment, a strong military, business growth, national security and less government intrusion are the principles that make her want to take a stance with other Hispanics across this country.

Mr. Daniel Palet

Community Relations Director

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Daniel Palet is a hard-working student, hospitality worker, and active volunteer who has always been committed to improving the community around him. While earning his Associates Degree in Business at the College of Southern Nevada, Daniel started the first Latino organization called, Latinos United of North America (LUNA), and served as its first President. In addition to his work and studies at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Architecture, he was recently appointed as the Director of Public Relations for the Las Vegas Peruvian Chamber of Commerce. Daniel also volunteers regularly on weekends with the Henderson Police Department. Daniel is a twin, the youngest of six siblings, and the first to graduate from high school and attend college. “I always assumed I would be a Democrat like most of the people I grew up with”, Daniel says. Mr. Palet even worked as a volunteer in President Obama’s second presidential campaign. “But I soon realized the values talked about more among Republicans, like personal responsibility, hard work and old fashioned American patriotism aligned more with my personal beliefs.” Daniel is currently serving as Director of Community Relations for the Republican Nevada Hispanic Assembly (RNHA). Mr. Palet plans to continue community outreach and spread Republican values within the Hispanic community.

Mr. Zachary Guymon

Political Director


Zachary has lived in Las Vegas for most of his life. He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UNLV, with the goal of earning a master’s degree in education. His wonderful wife and friends call have given him the nickname Oso, which means “Bear” in Spanish. He is fluent in Spanish and has lived in Latin America for years. Oso served two years mission in the Central American country of Honduras and has traveled through the region. For two years he helped rebuild homes after floods and helped rebuild families after abuse and abandonment. After he finished his mission he returned to Honduras and met the love of his life, Marissa. In Honduras she worked as a very successful architect and taught at University. In April 2015, Oso married his best friend.

Mr. Vincen Segura

Social Media Director

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Vincen Segura is currently a hard-working hospitality worker in the valet industry. Mr. Segura is working on pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. Vincen is a young Hispanic Republican. Mr. Segura is the youngest yet the first in his intermediate family to earn an Associate’s Degree in Business. Vincen also plans to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas, majoring in Architecture. Mr. Segura served as a Senator in the Associated Students at the College of Southern Nevada for two years. He also served as the Treasurer for Latino organization called Latinos United of North America. Vincen volunteers in his community with the Henderson police academy.