Welcome to the official website of the Nevada Republican National Hispanic Assembly! We are a dedicated grass roots organization, committed to bridging conservative values to the Hispanic American community. We are Hispanic as well as non-Hispanic Americans playing an influential role in local, state, and national political activities.

NV RNHA is ready to make a difference in the state of Nevada. Our organization will create grassroots efforts with other Republican groups to help grow the conservative movement. We are a part of the nation’s largest network of Hispanic Republicans and GOP leaders. We want to bring our traditional values into our political beliefs while finding leaders and like-minded people who represent us.

We are looking for new members to help us achieve our goals. Membership applications may be submitted to the NV RNHA by all U.S. Citizens and legal residents, regardless of race or ethnicity, who wish to identify themselves as Republicans and work to further the mission and goals of the NV RNHA. We look forward to empowering conservative Hispanics and those who support the Hispanic community. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.